Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year from the Ng's!

Time is moving fast as it seems only like last week we celebrated Christmas and the New Year. I guess with all the rush getting Nigel back to school right after the hols and with lots of work ahead of us, Chinese New Year arrived in a blink. So, to all my chinese friends and family members, we wish you a wonderful week of feasting and joyful family gatherings. Indeed this year will be a challenging year and we pray you'll have a year that is blessed with health, security and happiness.
A sneak peek of my Ang pow design for this year. I think this could be the last year Nigel will be featured on my angpows. He's getting too big for this (and impatient too!LOL!). This year I took around 50 shots, I think each angpow is going to be different. I'm frustrated with my printer, maybe it's about time I change back to Epson! (I'm a diehard fan of Epson printers.)

Nigel having fun with the screen I used after the photo shoot on my balcony. Still in his vest and white shirt. Haha! He isn't wearing any pants!!

I've been wanting to do this to fruits. I started with one and look mom, I've half a dozen mandarin oranges in cute little sweaters.

Start off with a loop and crochet all round increasing as you need.

I used felt and cut a few orange leaves.

Single crochet all round. Best with leftover yarns. Just add a button and tada! Crazy eh. What's life if not for a little craziness. Gong Xi Fa Chai!


Paul Lionel said...

Omg what you did to the oranges! How do you keep coming up with funky things like this Mel?!

Creative B Bee said...

Its soo...cute!