Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Meow Mega Post

This is my brother's wedding photos. He tied the knot last month on the 22nd and these are the long awaited photos. I've omitted quite a lot as some of the photos will be featured in his blog and some will be printed for the members of the family and friends. These are just a few of my favourites, the photos are not quite in sequence but hopefully it'll show you the whole day in snap by snapshots. Of course, there'll be some emphasis on the backdrop, the cake, the menucard and the button corsages we made for this special day. I'll be posting the diy's and the events culminating to this special day. A special thanks to Meli & Richard (for your invaluable help in everything, both of you were supposed to be on a holiday but we worked you to the bone!!!), to my dearest Stan and the ever helpful Nigel (the joy you bring fills the void in our sanity!) and to my parents who tolerated our mess, our nonsense and standing by us in everything we do (or don't do, hahaha!)

The day began with my bro decorating his bridal car. We have to thank Uncle John for lending us his brand new Jag. What a surprise it was! The teddies were from my wedding too.

Yes, that's his official wedding outfit. Don't blink, but those shoes are more expensive that those black designer leather shoes. (Oh, Did I mention my bro is a professional clown?)

Mom checking on his youngest son! She's always amused at what he's up to.

Another one of my brother's expertise is balloon sculpturing. (I'm so proud of him! We're on a DIY team!)

So cute!
The Bridal Entourage. Men in black wigs!

Off he goes to fetch Mrs. Meow!

Meow doing a jigg before entering Vic's house!

The Entourage doing a song and dance.

Nigel amused by the silliness of it all!

We all know that Meow can't sing a tune. Pity the inlaws. LOL!

Vic receiving her balloon bouquet.

A good nose rub to begin a new journey together.

Victoria arriving at mom's place.

Welcome Mrs. Meow!

A moment with the boys minus the wigs.

Mom and dad at the tea ceremony.

Kung-Kung having a sip of sweet tea.

My grandma's turn.
Some of the tea ceremony photos are not ready yet, so in my hand I've only Uncle Anthony and Auntie Chris. Will post them once I have them.

The best lunch idea ever. Mom had our favourite Chee Cheong Fun guy from the morning market to park his truck outside so anyone can just grab something to eat after the tea ceremony.

Anxious groom'smen at the church of St. Peter, Bangsar. What a rush, while this is going on, my husband and me were arranging the cupcake tiers in the restaurant!

The bride preparing to enter with her parents.

Mom and dad walking down the aisle first. You can catch a glimpse of me in a corner.

The ring bearer and flowergirl.

The father of the bride giving the bride away.

Dedicating their vows to each other.

Auntie Chris doing an excellent job with the viewcam. She's such a pro! She should be charging now.

Dancing down the aisle.

The newly wed.
The kissing chipmunks.

One big family!

With my grandparents.

The Ngs, The Tan's, The Newlywedded Tan's and The Brown's.

With Vic's immediate family.

The couple preparing to walk into a hall as the newly wed during the dinner at One Seafood Bangsar.

My cousins and my sis.

My mom waiting for her turn at the pulpit.

Check out the decor. My sis-in law's family is in the wedding decor business, so the decor tonight was fabulous and very very special in everyway.

Holding on to each other.

Yes, that's a good rule to abide in.

Nigel, mustering the courage to say grace for dinner. He was confident and fully composed. He made us all proud.

The receiving ushers. Check out the bouttonaires I made!

Meli and Richard, and Pastor Isaac wer the emcees for the night. The backdrop was our work of art! (Did I tell you that we were quite a backdrop designer as well? LOL!)

My mom giving her speech. She's such an expert at speeches!

Thanks to Yean, they had to do that funny face to ruin this picture!

Yam Seng!
Look at Justin! So handsome man!!

Nice photo of Stan's family!

The ring pillow, professionally photographed.

The menu cards we handmade just the morning before.

The cupcake teir I made with over 300 cupcakes.

This mega tier was sitting on my dining table for a whole two weeks!

Will post the progress of work of all the handmade things we've done for my bro's wedding! Like I said before...Thank you to all those who have helped. It was truly a heartwarming experience.


gracie said...

Wow Yoon what an awesome post! Brings back happy memories of my KL wedding...

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! Love to see those photos you sharing here!

Emily said...

Wow!Wow! As usual! Cannot expect anything less from triple FABULOUS! from you!

snazzynsuch said...

omg... what a beautiful deco!! nice work Mel..

ShannyK-L said...

WOW Mel! Congrats again for such a successful wedding deco!

dorcas said...

Many more WOWS! Truly fantastic, artistic,beautiful outstanding fabulous shots. The church stained glass art and general decor of the church is lovely.Melvin n Vic truly has the best support teams ever!!!Yoon, you manage to choose every shot that sums up the whole thing so neatly. Great job, all you guys n Congrats!!

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