Monday, August 18, 2008

A New Messenger Bag for Nigel

This is my first attempt at crocheting a messenger bag. A special request by Nigel and in his current favourite cartoon show colours 'BEN TEN'! I should try crocheting an omnitrix for him, although it won't have any zapping and zooming functions. LOL! He's still bugging us to get one from the toy shop!! But Nah! It's just way to expensive.

Double yarn effects! I think I must have used 7-8 colours in all.
The back of the bag. A very easy pattern actually. A large rectagular piece with two black spines for the sides. The straps are sewn in.


Paul Lionel said...

Oh man I KNEW I should have gotten that Ben 10 toy Omnitrix for him the other day! I like Ben 10 too, and I'm more than TWICE his age HAHAHAHA

Great bag Mel! Once again you've managed to utilize the 'double yarn' effect to perfection!

biblo said...

Kewl bag for Nigel... I am thinking of attempting one for myself!

kitkat said...

gorgeous bag, love it!!!

Zuleika said...

Very cool bag! He looks so pleased as well. :-)
I admit to liking and watching Ben 10 with my boys all the time. No shame in watching cartoons! :-)

ShannyK-L said...

Really cool bag! Ben 10?!? Like Paul, I like Ben 10 to! :))) hehehehehehe....

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