Monday, July 28, 2008

For Paul : Creative Exchange 2008

The rules were simple, all that was needed was a 7" x 7" square of fabric and within a 5" x 5" perimeter decorate the square with anything you can think of. The organiser of this exchange MW also insist that we must have a heart embellished within the creative square. I used felt as the main fabric of choice and decided to add a shrinkable plastic ornament. My partner was Paul and yep, he's my first exchange to a male partner! (So I've to think masculine colours and theme...LOL!)The embellished piece was framed with an Ikea black 3D frame.
I bought the adhesive felt from Artfriend at Megamall. Very nice to use, but bear in mind, it's not washable! I found some nice motives on the net and composed a picture with Paul's name on it. Had it printed and ready to cut.
Attaching the pieces to felt.

Cutting the tree branch was not easy. The thinner the branch, the more delicate it becomes. Thank goodness for the adhesive backing.
The branch taking shape.
This is how the backing looks like. I peeled a little off to show you the sticky side.
Cutting the bird and arranging it before pasting it into the felt green piece.
I backstitched Paul's name and embellished it with a heart button, a shrinkable plastic ornament for the wings and to secure the wing to the bird a little diamond bead. I also embroidered some french knots to the branches for a more 3D effect.
My exchange to Paul, plus the book I got him earlier on and of course, this cute little box kit on making your own felt desserts from Living Cabin (Love that shop! It's got everything cute). I hope he likes the exchange!


Paul Lionel said...


Thanks Mel! And for including a tutorial too!

Nesa said...

I love your tutorials.they are so easy to pick up. Was wondering where you usually get your craft supplies. Like the modge podge,adhesive felt, and other cool materials you have. Thanks. And I really adore your work.

Anonymous said...

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