Monday, March 05, 2007

Nigel's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Nigel's 4th birthday last week and with the busy Chinese New Year celebrations we could only start posting today. Nigel had 2 birthday parties, One at my mom's house and of course his class party too. This boy has grown so much..I miss the little baby who could only cling on to me for dear life!
All the goodies for his classmates.On the menu...Miniature hamburgers , sausages and jelly. (Must remember to remove the vegies next year!!! Very obvious these kids hate the greens!!!)
More presents to open!
We love you Nigel!
Nigel's class - 4 Yellow of 2007.
Nigel and his mates praying before their meal. It's beautiful to see that all these kids know how to lift their hands in prayer!
Ewww! Vegetables!

The setting-up before the party began.
Nigel and Evangeline. Evangeline is the principal's youngest daughter. Who coincidentally is also my Sunday School teacher!!! (And Elaine (Mrs. Lee to Nigel) still look as beautiful as ever!)

His birthday presents from everyone. Thank you so much for all those lovely gifts.
Nigel and Faith playing with the Blopens. He's got three boxes now!!! (Will be donating 1 set to Marina's friend.)
Two artist hard at work!Victoria wondering what is next to eat!
My darling busy opening his pressies.
This picture is for Melie.
The crowd around the chocolate fountain. We must try a new recipe... how about cheese and onion dip? or Butterscotch? (I can imagine Kenneth agreeing with me right now!) Oh yes, Ken, how's Mexico City?
Nigel's beautiful cake by Auntie Josie.
Our little family!

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Annie Rosalind said...

nice party!!! love the pics.