Thursday, February 08, 2007

Upholstering My Own Dining Chairs


Yes, I've done it again. With the coming Chinese New Year my dining chairs needed new seats. Never, never buy white leather chairs ever again. I bought some nice velvety material from Kamdar and covered my current badly stained chairs with it. All I did was unscrew the seats from the frame (Do this one at a time, please!). Place the seat on my material to measure, cut around it, making sure you have enough all round to cover the seat about 3 inches in. With a staple gun, staple the four corners, pulling as you go. Just snugly, staple all round to secure the material to the base. I used a circular black piece of felt (the ones we use for car upholstery) to do the centre piece. Cut to shape making sure you cover the edges of the main fabric. Staple around and screw the seats back. Ta Da! Brand new.


Barbara said...

They look great...maybe even better than the original! :)

Emily said...

Wah, you terror ah! In case of our workshop unable to take in additional order, can look you up ah?