Friday, January 26, 2007

New Year & New Blog Look.

Hi! Everyone,

I believe the new year started on a hectic note. Everyone's back to work and school, yep, Nigel even started school a week earlier than anticipated (Lol!!! We made a mistake and sent him to school a week to soon, not realising that year 4s only begin the week after!!!!). What a turn-off for him, actually I thought he was rather relieved that he still gets a week off. To make up for our utter ignorance we went to Genting for a day trip and had some fun. The cable car ride is Nigel's favourite and of course the cheap thrill of fake snow at the snowhouse!

Here's a short update of everything that has taken place for the past 2 weeks.

We spent the New Year's eve at my mom's new condo unit.

We watched the City's display of fireworks from my home.

My newspaper write up in NST. Thanks Jennifer for the eloquent expression of my current passion. The Crafty Blogger is now my new nickname.

Just last week we celebrated Kung-Kung's 80th Birthday. Look at that gorgeous cake Auntie Josie baked. (Oh, yes... she's taking orders for her chinese new year cookies. I recommend the Double Mocha Chip cookies. It's The Best!)

Happy Birthday Kung-Kung! And We Love You!

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Richard and Mel said...

Fantastic write up, Crafty Blogger! I'm related to a famous person - wohoo!!!