Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Cake, anyone?

Here's how I made the Bookmarks for Margaret for one of our annual exchanges.

Always start with a draft. Sorry about the photo quality, did this very late at night.

A little graphic design knowledge can help a lot. The templates printed out as cutting and sewing guides. I am using Heat & Bond to fuse my fabric to felt.

Select your fabrics. I used some of the jelly roll leftovers I kept aside.

Place the template over the cloth to measure how much fabric and Heat & Bond is needed.

All ironed and set.
Once you have the template cut and layered accordingly, place on felt of your choice.

I used some kitchen twine from Daiso. Measure your twine to your liking. Tie knots on each end.

Begin sewing individual cut fabric onto the felt. Don't forget to insert the twine. That is part of a bookmark! LOL!

Sew the other end piece to the matching bookmarks and Tada! You can opt to use ribbons.

Here's the whole set.

I'm a little teapot!

Inspired by our Dearest Beloved Friend Janet!
All packaged with a printed label.

Hope you like them MW!

The Fish for the Fish challenge.

It's a little snap purse. Constructed him as I went, so no template for this fish. Decided to add a crochet trim for the mouth the very last minute.

All the handmade goodies in a box + extra things to make any crafter do a happy dance. LOL!

I made this pouch from an oil cloth I bought online. The heart-shaped pom pom is handmade too.

A little macaron zipper pouch. Love the front! See the wee little buttons?

Handstitched most of this!

The back is a little felt cutout with the tiniest button and bow attached.

Ah! It's a little needle and stash keepsake purse.


Barbara J said...

Thanks for the tutorial. The bookmark idea is fabulous. Lucky MW. And so are all the giveaways.

I've got some oil cloth too and maybe I should make it into a boxy pouch like yours. Did you line it?

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